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We provide services for global immigration to several countries but specially to Venezuela, United States and Spain. Our firm provides all those services required to request working visas and permits, national identity cards and drivers licenses. It is a prudently managed process with bilingual guides (Spanish - English).


The laws governing immigration in Venezuela, as in many other countries, are complex and compliance requires the expertise of legal counsel specialized in its practice. Immigration laws not only have a direct connection to corporate activity but also influence the permanence of foreign personnel in the country. They may also have impact upon your home country fiscal situation.In most cases, registry is completed within 25 working days.
Our legal team manages the immigration process and your requirements in a way which ensures the least interference with your employee's time. Neither you nor your executive nor their families have to fill out forms, keep records, follow-up on the process or travel back and forth to complete intermediate steps. When completed, you receive a complete document package.
Following for download the overview of the process to obtain a working visa in Venezuela, the documents required and a facsimile of the official reglament that rules the process:

• Overview on how to obtain your work visa (TR-L) for Venezuela                                    PDF Download 86 Kb
• Documents required in order to obtain a TR-L visa                                                       PDF Download 153 Kb